Jønnhalt Gjesteseter
N-2630 Ringebu
Tel: (+47)61 28 03 41 - Fax: (+47)61 28 02 55
 E-mail: astri@jonnhalt.no

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Astri T. & Anders A. Fretheim have built & own Jønnhalt Gjesteseter. Astri is in charge of the day to day running.

Jønnhalt Gjesteseter was originally built as a summer farm in the 1870's. The farm to which it belongs is situated just above Ringebu and is called Nordrum. Cheese was produced for sale over many years and the farm maid played a central role during these years. 
In one of the buildings (the Selet), the cheese was cooked up in three large iron pans, heated, of course, by wood. Many of the other farms in the area also produced cheese and it was of large economic importance for the farms.
Ole Steberg (1835-1904) was one of the pioneers in the prodcution of the very special Gudbrandsdal cheese.

In the 1950's a dairy in the valley took over production of dairy products and the summer farm was no longer needed. Between 1988 and 1993 most of the buildings were taken down, restored, and placed together with a lawn in the middle. In 1993 Jønnhalt Gjesteseter started a new phase in its history, welcoming paying guests..

Today's owners, Astri & Anders, still have the Nordrum farm and have a herd of milking cows which use another of the farm's summer farms in Venabygd.

Jønnhalt Gjesteseter is now restored to a high quality guest lodge with all modern facilities. The outside, log cabin effect, is still retained. There is a log fire in one of the lounges and we enjoy setting up a long table for all our guests to gather around in the traditional way. 

In the old sheds (Fjøset) there are 5 double rooms two of which have extra beds in the rafters. In the barn (Låven) there are two double rooms on the upper floor. On the ground floor is a light, open meeting room with place for 20 people. This room can also be used for dance.

A wood fired sauna has its own house. Here there is room for 15 people and it includes a relaxing room, shower and toilet, as well as a back door for taking a snow bath!

Another building, 200m from the main complex has 2 double rooms, lounge (with fire) and kitchen. All the bathrooms are tiled. 

The place is blessed with good, clean drinking water from it's own well. The rooms are all centrally heated. Road to the door all year round. 


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